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1. Bank is usually one of the major targets of criminals.

2. Increasing bank outlets make surveillance sites decentralized and it becomes quite hard to share such huge and disperse surveillance information.

3. Security subsystems in banks are working separately, not easy to manage and have no data sharing or alarm linkage at all.

4. Conventional CCTV system is out of date.

5. The system is not reliable because video storage means are not multiple and surveillance videos have no backup.

6. Bad video quality and incomplete details leave no solid evidences.


Damai proposes a surveillance solution for banking industry to ease customer minds:

1. An integrated management platform networks all surveillance sites to manage and share surveillance information.

2. Security subsystems in banks are integrated and managed together to share data and realize alarm linkage.

3. Cutting-edge technology, full IP & HD surveillance, and huge storage of videotapes.

4. Balance network loads, judge available network bandwidth, and automatically upload stored video files in non-business time of banks to avoid network conflict.

5. All hardware units can be installed in one server if the system is in a small scale.

Customer Benefits

1. Deter criminals, prevent and decrease crimes.

2. Get information of emergencies in time and make fast response to save both economic loss and reputation.

3. Reduce O&M costs on security system.

4. Improve automation level of security system.

5. Relieve working pressure of security guards.


1飦 Improve operational efficiency ,reduce the security risk of managing complex keys

2飦 Real-time monitoring and find the exceptional site access in time

3飦 Reduce the equipment theft occurred due to the lost keys

4飦 Examination the site attendance of personnel daily work

5飦 Provide various reports of site attendance