Public Security

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鈼 The international circumstance is unstable, hi-tech and professional crimes are unexpected nowhere

鈼 Police force is limited for increasing terrorism, crimes and sectarian conflicts

鈼 No digital or information methods to prevent crimes, no video or picture evidences, very low detection rate

鈼 No digital command and dispatching platform to respond to emergencies, disasters, riots and public incidents; the mobile troops become information islands

鈼 No unified security management platform to link and share the existing dispersed  surveillance videos for all the police stations and security departments


Social Public Security system integrates video surveillance, police dispatch, video investigation and case management functions for practical police business. Its video surveillance and footage query functions are fundamentally practical for police business, more importantly social security maintaining, case investigation, blacklist arming, and case study are customized according to police business procedure. This system improves law enforcement efficiency and case solving rate.

The system integrates social videos, integrated social information and hi-tech defending resources to construct a networked social public security surveillance platform. It relies on the surveillance centers of police department and coalition emergency response centers to monitor social industries, sensitive departments and institutions, main roads and public places.

Advantages & Features

鈼 Provide practical services for police business, improve management efficiency of police department

鈼 Provide a digital, networked, information, and integrated social security management platform, and also police services; make flexible deployment based on police organization and share videos and alarms inside the network

鈼 Interfaces are designed according to video surveillance industry and interlink age system standards; accessible to mainstream video devices and various video surveillance resources

鈼 Large storage capacity, flexible and safe storage mechanism, full and solid evidences

鈼 Use HD and smart analysis technologies

鈼 GIS, GPS and mobile video technology to position targeted person in real time, keep  and reproduce the tracks of mobile troops, and make accesses anytime anywhere

Customer Value

鈼 Enhance police patrol on public places, main roads, business, stations, docks, banks and government; real-time monitor places vulnerable to crimes and terrorism

鈼 Unify video surveillance and communication dispatching to identify risks and prevent crimes; give real-time commands and dispatches

鈼 Adopt HD & smart video analysis technology, relieve labor intensity, speed up case cracking, and extend the usage of video resources

鈼 Save police forces, improve management efficiency, reduce administration costs and save social resources

鈼 The fast response from security force shocks criminals away, reduces public security dangers and keeps society stable and safe

鈼 Share real-time in-prison information to respond fast and follow unified dispatch and command

鈼 Justify judicial fairness by taking videotapes as evidences