XVI Introduction

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***What is XVI***

XVI, also known as AXVI (Advanced XM Video Interface), is a breakthrough coaxial transmission video format developed by XM. XVI products are superior to similar products not only because of its compatibility with AHD,TVI protocols, but also its unique feature. When XVI DVR is used along, it is a normal 5 in 1 (AHD/TVI/CVI/IPC/CVBS) DVR and XVI camera, a normal AHD camera, but when the XVI DVR is used together with XVI camera, the system will have below characteristics and advantages.

***Characteristics and Advantages***

1. Coaxial Control: One coaxial cable can transfer video and command signal at the same time;

2. Coaxial Update: Transfer updates date by coaxial cable;

3. Image Enhancement: ISP XM310,XM320,XM330 have image enhancement and noise reduction unit built inside;

4. Improvement on cost of system, user experience, construction and maintain;

***Compared with other System***

1. Compared with other AHD products:

1.1) DVR can control XVI camera directly, no control line and decoder etc needed, convenient and cost-effective in installing and maintaining the project, also multilingual interface more convenient for non-English/Chinese speaker;

1.2) DVR can upgrade XVI cameras with updated/customized firmware directly, no need to take the cameras from its working area and dismantle the cameras;

1.3) Importing and exporting the customized configuration of the camera through the coaxial cable, make the camera configuration in a batch possible;

2. VS IP system:

2.1) No delay& Long Distance: Image transmitted no delay and up to 500M without video loss;

3. VS other coaxial system:

3.1) Image Enhancement: Image enhancement and noise reduction unit were designed in XM310,XM320,XM330 and other independent ISP and when it is used with XVI DVR, it can perform marvelous. Compared with ordinary coaxial HD, XVI gets richer screen details, more natural colors and more effective in noise control.

3.2) More safe: XVI system were built with most up-to-dated anti cyber-attack firmware and the system are more safer when connect to internet;

Now all our DVR products are support  6in1 solution.