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Guatemala was the center of Indian Mayan Civilian and is the largest city in Central America. It has 996 square kilometers, abundant resources and wild climate, and is always a well livable city. Its old video surveillance was too small and their functions were comparatively outdated, so it cannot satisfy increasing surveillance demands.

To solve the impending security issues, Guatemala municipal government plans and prepares safe city projects including Safe City of Zona 18.


After understanding demands of the government, MES is going to establish 1 surveillance center, 1018 HD surveillance sites, 6 face recognition systems and 20 checkpoint systems in Zona 18.

The surveillance sites cover main streets, crossroads, main trunk roads, schools, parks, hospitals and other important public areas. Face recognition system and ANPR system allow effective blacklist arming and auto alarms for both people and vehicles, so three-dimensional real-time surveillance is available around-the-clock to catch suspicious vehicles and people.

The system uses optical fibers for transmission to ensure data transmission safe and stable, so HD videos from the sites can be delivered to the surveillance center in time.