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Traffic Police of Yangjiang Public Security Bureau is increasing the investment on information construction and established e-police system, traffic signal control system and traffic video surveillance system in last few years. But information construction of traffic management has no overall plans, traffic information is independent in different departments, and there is no unified traffic information platform.

MES is going to establish an intelligent traffic system for Yangjiang, sharing traffic management information among different departments, improving traffic management level.


One core platform

Establish a new dispatch & command platform, integrating GIS-based traffic information

Two environment monitoring systems

Plan and construct two environment monitoring systems for the dispatch & command platform and central equipment rooms

Three sub-systems

Red-light-running recording subsystem

鈥淪afe Yangjiang鈥 video surveillance subsystem

Traffic guidance subsystem

Customer Benefits

- Utilize the existing information infrastructure, saving investments

- Achieve intelligent traffic management

- Improve traffic management efficiency and management level