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Wenzhou Petro China Fuel Asphalt Co., Ltd is to refine the crude oil and extract kerosene, diesel and gasoline. It produces asphalt products. It needs an integrated video surveillance system to ensure safe production and factory.


This project targets at flammable and explosive refining factory and common living section, which locate in an island. The whole system and all devices shall be explosive proof and corrosive proof. MES configures explosive-proof cameras and accessories for refining factory and makes extra anticorrosion processing on all outdoor devices, so that they can keep reliable working for long. This project includes 40 explosive-proof cameras, 15 IR waterproof cameras and 6 speed domes to monitor the front gate, main roads, generator rooms, power distribution rooms, refined oil tanks, crude oil tanks, asphalt tanks, asphalt production devices, water processing workshops, boiler rooms and cycling water yards of refining factory, as well as living area and fire control center.

Figure 1 System Architecture

Customer Benefits

- This integrated video surveillance system improves the security of refining factory and living area

- Know what鈥檚 going on in the important production area and living area in first minute, if any accident or emergency, the user will respond fast and deal with it immediately

- The real-time video surveillance function saves the user lots of costs on manpower, instruments and vehicles

- The surveillance data helps the user prevent accidents