Peace City

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Karamay city locates to the northwestern of Dzungarian Basin of Xinjiang Autonomous Region. This modern industry city grows up because of rich oil deposits. With the rapid economic development, Karamay needs a 鈥淧eace City鈥 project to protect civilians and improve city competitiveness.

By the end of 2008, 3 phases of alarming and surveillance system for Karamay city had contributed to 1 central center, over 20 police station centers and nearly 300 surveillance sites.

This system is of 2-level networking. The central center is at the 1st level, while traffic surveillance centers and police station centers are at the 2nd level. These centers visit, control and upload videos via public MAN (Metropolitan Area Network), and upload and control the remote videos from police stations via analog video matrix by digital or analog means.

Site videos are accessed to police station centers via optical fibers. In the police station center, analog videos are accessed to video distributor, which will distribute the video signal into two streams: one goes into video matrix and is displayed on the monitor; the other goes into embedded DVR/DVS for storage and uploading.

The 1-level center is to monitor, store and control all digital and analog surveillance videos. It is to establish the digital video management platform, reserve and develop interfaces for other surveillance systems. It鈥檚 to manage all 2-level centers, allocate and manage operators鈥 authorities.