Gas Station

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MES built the remote video surveillance system for gas stations of CNPC Inner Mongolia Branch. Hohhot, the capital of Inner Mongolia, had a 1-level surveillance center with large-capacity storage equipment and large screens; 12 cities had their own 2-level surveillance center with large screens and PCs for the purpose of surveillance, video recording and management. 2-level surveillance centers send videos to 1-level center via private network; this surveillance system covers 3000 gas stations in the province, and each gas station has several cameras, so there are total 15000 cameras.

Surveillance videos of general situations are CIF format, while videos of details are 4CIF format. It can save equipment investments and network bandwidth.

Sensitive places in gas stations like entrance/exit, cashier and oil tanks are top protection targets. The system monitors those targets, records video and stores these files into hard disks on DVR/DVS. The video files could be replayed. The system is able to interlink with 110 and 119 systems, so call the preset telephone numbers to notify alarms if necessary. The alarm linkage would help deal with accidents immediately and reduce losses.

System networking: