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鈥淪afe Wuhan鈥 project started in May 2010. This project established a video surveillance system including video surveillance platform, transmission network, ANPR and visual command, covering 5500 surveillance sites cross Wuhan city. The whole city expects to have 250,000 cameras, besides the existing cameras and 5500 cameras in first phase construction. MES is responsible for the construction of Hanyang district, Hannan district and Caidian district.

Hanyang district will have 1500 HD cameras; Caidian district will have 150 HD cameras, 8 e-police systems and 25 checkpoints; Hannan district will have 101 HD cameras. They are to monitor the road traffic and the street security, offering hints or evidences for city management, emergency solution, natural disaster and crime crack-down.

Customer Benefits

飦  Video Surveillance Inspection Team of Wuhan Public Security Bureau is officially on trial after the system is established; this is the first video surveillance inspection team in China.

飦 Wuhan rises to the second in the ranking of 鈥淩esident Sense of Security in 16 Cities鈥 in 2012

飦 Video surveillance system helps solving out 60% street crimes